Winter storms and power outages

We’re having major rain and lightning storms, and my high-speed internet has been out for over 24 hours now. I’m stuck on dial-up until power is restored to my high-speed provider’s service on the nearby mountain. Dial-up makes everything very slow. I was able to ship all packages today but one, which could not ship because the post office’s power went out this afternoon and they could not process international packages through customs with their computers down. The other packages were all USA with pre-paid shipping labels I’d done so they were able to ship out today.

Our power is ok where I am but all around us people are having lots of outages. We had an impressive lightning and thunder show last night. I’m hoping this will ease up soon, but it sounds like we have a few more days of storms.

I sent a couple ET testers out and will try to get more out this week.

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  1. Oh I hate it when the power goes out! We get them both in the summer and winter here on the east coast. Two years ago when we had a winter electrical outage, our in-laws had to come over from next door because their heat required electricity. You could leave things out on the counter and they’d be within refrigeration temperature.
    Hang in there and enjoy the spectacular light show courtesy of mother nature!

  2. Hi Ann, thanks! It’s really tough for people in colder areas like yours to be without heat! We always get a few of these lightning storms in winter. Summer lightning is rare but scary here because we are so dry in summer with high fire danger.

    My high-speed internet just came back this eve, yay! It may be down again tomorrow though because we are due for another major storm to hit early in the morning. Will keep my fingers crossed. We do have a back-up generator here so my internet is the only thing that goes down for me, and even then I have dial-up backup (dial-up has gotten so archaic though that it’s almost impossible to function on it).

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