Weekend Update

I think Tabac Aurea is done!  I’ve had very good feedback from testers.  I’m deciding now if the name will stay as is or if it’d be good to get cuir or something leather themed into the name since it does have a leather note with the tabac.  The drydown is warm and delicious though, without being overly sweet and vanillic, and it does have a golden feeling to me.  I wish I could think of a name that’d cover all bases: tabac, leather, and golden.  I do like the name Tabac Aurea though.  I just thought I’d better consider it now since this is my last chance, as I’ll be adding it to the website before long.

First though, I have to finish my taxes.  I spent all weekend on tax forms and made a lot of progress.  I want this done before I list Tabac because I’ll be super busy for a while after that.  I hope to finish taxes this week (that would really feel good to finish that chore).

I also tested the tweak of Cameo this weekend and like it very much.  It is smoother than the original but still has good lasting power on me, and the rose note seems more prominent with the softer musk blend.  I hope to add it back to the site soon.

I’m also working on a new cart for my organ.  I’ve been using a 3-shelf cart that is fairly large but has become too stuffed.  I found another 3-shelf cart on wheels that has 3 drawers, a good work surface on top, and doors to close to keep it all in the dark.  I already store all my large ingredient bottles behind doors in a very big wood wall cabinet system, but I wanted my organ full of little diluted bottles (for formula development) behind doors too if possible.  I’ll try to get all the bottles switched over and see how it works.  I have so many little bottles in there I may be lost for a few days until I memorize the new layout.  Someday I’ll try to have a proper organ built for my table, but for now this works and it’s nice to have it mobile.

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