Weekend Update

I have sent out some testers of Fig Tree and will send some more. Notes include fig, plum, cassis, galbanum resin, fir absolute, East Indiana sandalwood EO, vetiver, tonka, lactones. It is greener and fruitier than anything I’ve done so it’s been fun to formulate. It’s unisex and I think it should work in lotion as well a perfume (but I’ve not tried it yet in lotion).

I’m temporarily setting aside the summer floral because I must finish the vintage-inspired scent for fall. I got the vintage formula out yesterday and the little tester batches have aged beautifully over the last two months. I’m really excited about this one. It has loads of pretty naturals — rose and jasmine absolutes, beeswax absolute, vanilla absolute, benzoin resin, galbanum resin, labdanum absolute, natural oakmoss, natural East Indian sandalwood, and aged Indian patchouli (just a touch). Synthetic accessory notes include macrocyclic musks, aldehydes, cinnamon, clove, jasmine lactones, and irones (orris notes). I’m making some adjustments and want to send testers soon. I want to have this one ready for fall release. My disappointment over not finishing the floral is offset by enthusiasm about this new one. I’ll return to the floral later.

I just signed off on the final box proof and should have the new boxes about Aug 12. I’ll leave the 17 ml no-box offer up for another week and will then probably end it, so time is running out on that if you are interested.

My SIL has been visiting Kentucky for a week and it sounds like quite a heat wave! Hope you’re hanging in there if you’re caught in the heat. We’re still having a very mild summer. I should get back to work…

Updated to add: For those who tested the vintage-inspired scent last winter, it was going under the working name of classic or classique, but that won’t be the real name. This is the same scent though — I’m just getting back to the formula now, both the Excel sheets and the little vials that I’d put away.

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  1. Oooh, I am so excited about both the fig and the vintage scent. They sound smashing. I’m on a strict perfume-buying moratorium until after my cross-country move next month, but I anticipate a SSS spree at some point this fall.

    1. The less bottles to move the better, yes! That’s a project. Hope it goes well and you love your new spot! The fig is a fun yummy scent and I think the vintage is going to be special (that’s my goal anyway!).

  2. Your SIL is correct…it is extremely hot here in York County, Pennsylvania. My garden really needs a long, steady rain.

    I’m looking forward to your new fragrances. I must admit that your fragrances hold up very well in the heat and continue to smell fabulous!

    1. Hope the boxes turn out well! I’ll know in a couple weeks. And I’m finally testing the new fall scent. Hoping people can bear with me and test it despite the heat. It’s a warm scent more suited to fall, but our cool-ish summer here is working for me to wear/test it.

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