Weekend update

I’m sorry for not posting this week, but at least it’s because I’ve been busy with many good things in progress. I’ll be able to share more about them here soon but for now I’ll briefly mention three of them.

I’m working on the summery scent and had a breakthrough this week (know I need to hurry up since summer is just about upon us). I need to increase the concentration, but I think I have staying power nailed down now, and the scent is close to where I want it. I’ve not sent any testers of this yet to anyone, so I’m anxious to start that as soon as I can. I don’t want to describe it more until I’m ready to send testers, but I’ll say more before long. I’m using quite a few new ingredients in it, which is fun.

I’m also working with a graphic artist on the new box design and am excited about that. I’m low on boxes so it’s time to do this. I need make the boxes a little bit taller to better accommodate the new bottles, and I need to update to the new logo style (same as on the new bottles and currently on the website). While we’re at it, we’re updating the botanical graphics and the new design is really nice so far.

I’m also trying to get ready for some open studio hours this summer. I’ll probably do most of it by appointment but will make a point of being available weekend afternoons when people are most likely to be in the neighborhood for wine tasting.

To Dream was recently reviewed on Muse In Wooden Shoes — thanks Carol!

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  1. Hi Laurie,
    I would love to be one of the people you send a tester of the new summer scent to. I have been waiting for it since the very beginning when it was Gardenia Musk!!!

    Thanks Beth

    1. Yes, will do, I think you will like this one. 🙂 I’ll probably do several white floral scents based on the exploratory work I’ve done over the last year, and this one should be up your alley. I’m working on it today to do a little batch with higher concentration.

  2. I’d love to jump in on testing the white floral, too! Anxiously awaiting it.

    And thanks very much for the link – I liked Lieu de Reves, but really enjoy To Dream. Beautiful stuff.

    1. Glad you liked to Dream! The new summery one is the first of a few florals that I hope will come from my white floral trials. This one is soft and mellow, not a big floral. Lots of jasmine, some OB, little bit of tuberose, in a base that I’ll describe soon. I’ve got good lasting power now on my skin, but quiet sillage; it stays relatively close to my skin after the first hour or so. Will be curious how it does on others!

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