Weekend update

Incense Pure received a nice mention today in Victoria’s Bois de Jasmin blog. Thanks Victoria! The post is about suggestions for reasonably priced perfume finds.

I wanted to mention that I plan to put Velvet Rose and Vintage Rose into the Exclusives rotation for a while before Valentine’s Day since roses are traditional favorites this time of year. I’ll also be adding a new flavor or two to the body silk lotion offerings.

We’ve had two weeks of spring-like weather and it’s been so nice to enjoy the sun after all the rain we had. Back to drizzle today but I feel ready for it now. Know many of you have had very heavy snowstorms. Can’t believe it’s almost February.

Also wanted to say thanks for the great ideas for recycled peanut sources. I’ve already found a couple locals with large bags of them via craig’s list, so that discussion we had here was helpful.

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    1. Hi Suzanne,
      I’d like to put the roses up on Tues or Wed. Not sure about the shea but may not get to it this year. My time is still limited until mid March and by then the shea may not make sense. Will see how it goes though.

      1. Hi Laurie,

        No pressure…. obviously, take care of yourself first.:^) I’ll look for the roses later in the week and likely add LdR to my indulgences.

  1. Lovely. Yes mini splurge coming on. The Incense Pure and the Roses make for lovely layering also. And here I thought I really didn’t like roses. No snow up here in Seattle land, but my daffodils (sic) have broken ground and are a good ways up. Will have some by the end of February beginning of March.

    1. hi Rita,
      Yes, our daffys are just poking their heads up too! It’s always the first sign of spring, though they tend to be overly optimistic since we always have more cold and rain to go. They’re a welcome sight though!

  2. Hey, Laurie, hope you are feeling better! So excited to see Sienna Musk back, it’s my favorite!

    Is this the new Lieu de Reves that you were reworking? I’ve been sooooo looking forward to it….

    1. Thanks Heidi! No, this is the original Lieu de Reves. The new take-off is finally ready for sending out some testers; it will have a new name that I’ve already picked but won’t mention here yet. It will join the Boutique group when it’s done and the original will remain Exclusive. The new one has some core notes in common — the heliotrope, violet, rose — but it’s more complex with some incense and interesting woodsy notes added. You can smell the Reves parentage when you sniff, but it is quite different.

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