weekend update

I finally have a tester formula to send out for the Lieu de Reves take-off as soon as we make more samples of it. It’s different enough that it should be a new scent with a new name and I’ll keep the original as is. If people like the new one, I’ll add it to the Boutique group and I’ll keep the original Reves as an Exclusive.

The original has more hedione, heliotrope, and musk. The new has a woodsier base with oak extract in addition to the cedar and with a light touch of suede. It also has a little cocoa note and more rose than the original. It has just as much violet on a percentage basis, but the violet feels less intense because of the increased complexity of the woodsy notes. I’ve been adjusting to keep sweetness in check and need feedback on that. I’m still working on the classic inspired scent and not ready yet to send it out for testing.

I’m about done with the special orders for the 34 ml old style bottles. I hope to put the 5 ml and 17 ml sizes up soon, but I’m going to wait until the end of the month after I get a root canal out of the way. I had one about 15 years ago and hoped not to do that again, but it seems many of us accumulate a couple of these along the way. I had hoped I could last until my appointment on the 26th, but it’s worse this weekend so we’ll call in the morning to see if they can squeeze me in soon. There’s always something crazy going on, lol.

My wrists have improved a lot but are not yet able to do pipetting, so my helper is doing the batching with me. I think it should be possible to put up the smaller sizes and the 34 ml in the Boutique scents. I’ll decide in a week or two, but that’s my plan at this time. I don’t think I’ll be able to do the shea cream this holiday season but maybe I can do that after the holidays this winter.

My brother was up for a short visit this weekend. We have our first real rain of the season today, which is quite a switch after the hot Indian summer we’re been having.

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  1. GAG!!!!! i hate root canals. i have had more than you have years, i swear, and they just keep getting more and more annoying……good luck!

  2. yeah, and they do!!!!

    i was complaining to the dentist, that, with so few teeth left in my head, what thing could i have done so wrong as to demand a root canal?????? and he sniggered and said ‘it is an OLD tooth….’

    i would fire him but he is really really good………

    1. I have to start calling it something else because it went too far afield, but I like it. I love the new oak and wonder how much I can push that. I won’t know until I get some feedback. Also unsure if others will need more vanilla than I do — will see.

      I got the first half of the root canal over with today, but I have to go back for the rest. It was a longer project than anticipated so it didn’t all fit into the time they had today. Something you don’t want to hear the dentist say is “this is a very unusual tooth” as he is trying to figure out the root geometry. Words like “unusual” and “interesting” are not what you want, though “oops” would be the most dreaded word, lol, and we avoided that one.

      1. Oh, Laurie, sorry you’re having to go through all of that. And yes, oops or a grimace would be the worst! I’ll be thinking about you..

        And you know I’m your girl for the sweetness check. 😀

      2. Wow, a two day root canal procedure. Your guardian angel must be taking a vacation – hope a short one.

        I’m loving the TA and Champagne fragrances that came last week. Yumm and thanks! Look forward to learning more about the new fragrance.

        Good luck with the “unusual, interesting” tooth….

  3. Laurie: It’s exciting to hear about the progress on the new Lieu fragrance. I can’t wait to smell it!

    Good luck with your dental work. Take care!! Ann

  4. Thanks so much for good wishes. I’m not feeling bad today all things considered.

    Yes, Rapple I’ll be sending you a sweetness check soon! 🙂 I think it’ll work because the musk is so minimal in it. Just depends if you like the other notes.

    LexfordRose, glad you’re enjoying the TA and CdB!

    Yes, waftbycarol, I’d really like to incorporate the dream theme into the new name. I’ll see what images come to mind for people when they sniff it.

    We made a few tester samples yesterday, and I thought we’d make a few more with reduced cedar and then send them out.

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