Weekend update

The last orders shipped yesterday and I am now working on taxes and interviewing potential assistants. I’ve had some good applicants and am excited to have someone start soon. This will be such a big help! I’ve had a surprisingly large response to my ad, probably because the lousy economy is making it so tough for people to find jobs.

I’m planning to put the shopping cart back up Wed or Thursday, though I want to be sure to restock some items that are low before I put the bottles back up. I may put samples back up one day before bottles if I’m still filtering new batches.

I’ve been experimenting to see if I could improve on the ET formula, but so far nothing has beat the version based on 12-30-4 but with reduced musk. It looks like the final version will be the same as the popular 12-30-4 version but with less musk and a little added elemi.

I finally returned to the Bouquet Blanche formula and added the new things I wanted to try in it. The floral blend is very pretty and I’m excited about it. The scent was too spicy though with the additions, so I need to reduce a spicy ylang oil that I just added. I’ll keep working on this. It’s really nice to have a few days off from shipping orders to concentrate on these things.

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  1. Hi Laurie,

    I’m looking forward to trying a sample of the new ET, a fragrance I haven’t tried yet. I’ve enjoyed reading about your progress in developing this fragrance.

    Good luck with finding a new assistant. I know you need the help!

    -Ann C.

  2. Hi Ann C,

    Thanks! I wish I could hire two of these applicants part-time each because it’s hard to choose, but that’s a nice problem to have!

    It’s been a little bit of a circular course on ET, but sometimes I need to try a series of possibilities to make sure I’m making the best choices I can. It will be really nice to get ET back on the list. It’s one of the driest scents and one that appeals to both men and women so I have missed it.

  3. Hi Denise,
    Glad you’re looking forward to it! Know I probably caught a few people just when they were plotting orders, but this is really helping me to finish some tasks. Thanks for stopping by!

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