Weekend update

Wow, it was in the upper 90s today!  I ran some errands and it was a hot one.  Last evening was warm but not quite as hot and we had gorgeous light on the hills.  I took the quick snapshot above off the back deck; it’s hard to give the feeling but my cottage is on the side of a hill surrounded by oaks like a little treehouse and then beyond the oaks is the neighboring winery’s vineyard.  The oaks are always special when backlit in the late afternoon.  The deck has a big planter box in the middle where ferns are happy, plus a few heuchera, a begonia, and some campanula and geranium.

I went back through my box of gardenia testers today and have a plan for the next step.  I still like the simple creamy jasmine/gardenia floral heart the best and had gone too far afield in the last few trials.  I want to backtrack a bit to simplify, but still keep some of these new elements so I can keep the musk lower than in those early trials.  I tried some ambrette seed CO2 in it that may help with that goal.

I’m happy with the Ambre and Winter Woods updates and am starting to get feedback from testers — so far so good!  I hope to get those back on the site soon and move on to working the new moss into Fireside Intense.

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