Weekend progress

I worked on ET a bit more and have a new tester to send. I decided to decrease the musk, increase the cistus (and decrease labdanum proportionately), and increase orris. I also put the elemi back in but am open to going either way on that (I like it both with and without). I think ET will be better with just a trace of musk because there will be less risk of musk anosmia/sensitivity problems, and since this scent is so high in naturals it may be best to avoid the synth musk. ET does still have some muskiness from the labdanum and angelica root.

When I cut the musk I increased the cistus because it helped add some oomph that was lost with the musk absence. I love the cistus, but I’ll need a few testers to try this and be sure I’m not the only one to love it, lol. This special cistus fraction is quite incensy so it fits very well into ET, and I think it is nicer to divide the labdanum part of the old ET this way into both labdanum and cistus. I think it adds a lot to the scent.

I will try one more trial Monday with another cistus level in between the first and this last, and when I have a favorite I’ll send a few more testers. There were two people who really loved the original ET and wanted to test the new one but did not get a tester yet because I wanted to wait until I’d made more adjustments. It’s time to get a sample to them too (I’ve not forgotten you!).

Also did my e-file of sales taxes for 2009 (yay!) since that’s due at the end of this month. And I’ve made exciting progress on the bottle issue but still have more details to work out. I’m hoping this will happen. I can say more when things are farther along.

I’m keeping up with orders but will be out in the morning Monday for an appointment. It is a mail holiday, but orders will start to ship again on Tuesday.

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  1. Hi Grace! Glad Encens Tranquille sounds good to you. I’m liking it, and I think this last adjustment was a good one but I’ll get some feedback to be sure. It’s about time for me to update the web page on ET to reflect the slightly new list of notes/ingredients. Even though I had to decrease oakmoss per the new IFRA regs, the new cistus and orris are so pretty I think the scent comes out ahead from the reformulation.

    Thanks for stopping by!

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