Website Updates: Note Cards, Ambre Noir, Body Silk…

I’ve just.added a Note Cards page to the site with original photo note cards printed on heavy, glossy photo stock with matte interiors for your hand-written messages. When you send a Sonoma Scent Studio gift you can choose a free card and we’ll write your gift message to your recipient. Cards are also available for purchase singly or in packs of five. Each 5.5 inch by 4.25 inch card comes with a matching white envelope and is enclosed in a resealable plastic protective sleeve. I’ve made these before for friends and family and thought it was time to formalized them. I’m always hunting for botanical themed cards, so these will be fun for me to use. I hope they’ll occasionally come in handy for some of you too.

Ambre Noir should be back on the site this weekend. I’ve had requests and know people are waiting for it.

The body silk sold out but more will be available by Tuesday, if not by this weekend.

I’m testing a number of little variations on the summer floral blend. The bulk of the formula seems set and I’m down to the details. Making progress on the new boxes too.

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  1. I think I’ll just hold out a lil’ longer than Laurie, because I wanted Ambre Noir too!
    Oh my goodness, my list keeps getting longer and longer and it makes me so excited , it will be such a yummy ,fragrant package!
    I know it sounds fanatic but I LOVE your perfumes.<3 đŸ˜€


    1. Thanks Tamara! Thought I’d give a heads up on Ambre Noir so people can plan. Some may want to put AN off until fall, but it’s been off the list for a while so some are anxious for it.

  2. Laurie:

    The cards look great! The gardenia one is particularly beautiful. And happy spring! It’s finally nice up here in the northeast, and I got all my roses in yesterday. Phew. Today I am relaxing with Voile de Violette. Congrats and I can’t wait for that white flower fragrance to come out!!

    1. Thanks Ann! Glad you got your roses in! Hope they do well.

      Weather has been spring-like here but we’re getting a cold rainstorm this weekend — yuck. We have relatives visiting from Sweden this weekend so that’s unfortunate timing.

      Tried reducing the musk in the summer scent last night (want only a little bit of musk in the base) and that should be better. Trying a couple more adjustments to the ratios, but leaving the ingredients the same… Can’t wait to finish!

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