Website updates and more work on the white floral scent

I’ve been working on two lines of white florals with gardenia and jasmine — the one that has stronger florals on a soft woods base and the one that has softer floral notes on a musk base. The former is a continuation of the work that led to the version “D” tester last time, and I have a tweaked version now that I like. I softened the gardenia and orange blossom (making the tuberose more prominent), added a touch of clove, removed one greenish jasmine component, added some ambergris, and adjusted the sandalwood accord. It seems to be better balanced now and has more lasting power. I’ll try it again and then it may be ready to send out to a few testers. The main thing I discovered from the previous testing round is that people either really liked the prominent gardenia note, finding it fun and realistic, or they found it to be a bit strong compared to the jasmine and tuberose. I think this version with softer gardenia will be better, but because the scent is becoming more of a mixed bouquet I’m going to change the name to Bouquet Blanche. I plan to release this scent whenever it is done and I’d hold off on the lighter floral musk until spring. I updated the “upcoming scent” gardenia page on the website to reflect the changes.

I also updated the home page to add the new purse sprays and body silk lotion, and I added a photo to illustrate the wrapped boxed purse spray sets on the Gifts page.

I’m also working on a few winter scents but will wait a little longer before posting about them. I’d really like at least one of them to be doable in lotion form too.

Thank you Liza for the sweet blog post today about Sonoma Scent Studio customer service! I try to provide the best CS I can, and I really enjoy packing up boxes with each person in mind. I’m very glad you’re enjoying your goodies!

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  1. Thanks for my last order–I really like Femme Jolie!
    I’m excited to hear you are composing some more winter scents, as I am very fond of the ones I already have from you. More entries on my wish list….

  2. Hi Kristen,

    Glad you’re enjoying Femme Jolie! I’m hoping to get back to the formula on one of those new winter scents tonight. I’ll be able to post more about them pretty soon — one is centered on sandalwood and the other on amber.

    Thanks for stopping by!

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