Update: Reopening and new scent coming

I am planning to open the SSS site for orders again approximately Nov 16.  I still have a lot of restocking to do, but that is my goal. I might not have every scent in stock by then.

I plan to release Bee’s Bliss, one of the two new scents that I have been working on, before the end of the year.  It has notes of bergamot, apricot, peach, orange blossom, jasmine, mimosa, lilac, heliotrope, iris, beeswax, honey, vetiver, green leaves, benzoin, amber, oakmoss, patchouli, and musk. It’s a sunny celebration of a summer garden in bloom.

I’ll post more updates as the opening gets closer! 🙂

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  1. Thanks for the update! Looking forward to buying and trying Bee’s Bliss as well as a couple other favorites I’ve run out of!

  2. I’m so glad you are able to return to your home after the fire. How tragic for many of the local people! I can hardly wait for your new fragrance! It sounds like my perfect fragrance!!

  3. Oh I’m so happy! That Bee’s Bliss is for me–I LOVE the name! We used to have a small apiary, and I just love bees–and what they love too. I’m glad to hear you’re back in business and those perfume sounds amazing. I need to restock too.

  4. Although I haven’t had the pleasure of wearing your fragrances, each one sounds delicious and I plan on ordering several samples as soon as you re-open. Congratulations on completing your newest scent!

  5. How great it must feel to be back and feel productive with all your things around you. So pleased to hear things are looking up. Looking forward to reordering my favorite ‘Violet’ scent again. God bless.

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