Update on new products

The first batch of Fig Tree scent is ready. I’ll put samples up soon, and I’ll put Fig Tree bottles up on the site on Monday for an official release. I’ll add the shea cream to the site this weekend in all scents except Amber. It’ll take a little longer for the Amber. I’ve tweaked the Amber formula and it is much stronger now, which will make it stand up to the shea cream better, but I’m still testing. The shea will be available in Fig Tree, Velvet Rose, Lavender Absolute, and Unscented for now, and in Amber before long.

I’ll also be getting back to the vintage-inspired scent this weekend. I can’t believe another week has shot by. I’m fitting as much as I can into each day, and I’ll eventually catch up if I keep at it. I can’t believe it is mid October though. We’ve had a fox family living here for several months, which scared the wild turkeys away, but last week the fox family was absent and the turkeys are back. It’s nice to see them again, and to feel their presence by their funny clucking noises. The deer family is still here too, with the two fawns looking more grown up. The workers in the vineyards nearby are frantically picking grapes and tilling fields to replant, and fall is in the air.

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