Update Fall 2016

I’ve been taking a fall break to catch up on some things and to work on a new floral formula that I began quite a few months ago. The notes include bergamot, mimosa, jasmine, orange blossom, lily of the valley, beeswax, greens, amber, cedar, patchouli, and moss. My back has been bothering me the last couple weeks, so that has slowed me down. I want to make more progress before putting the cart buttons up again, but I have my sights on the upcoming holiday season. We need to batch some things to be ready.

This summer a group of wild turkeys has been living here, and they’ve been sleeping in the oak tree outside my bedroom window. They settle in to roost just before dark and then leave at daybreak. It’s funny to see so many large birds balancing in the tree (reminds me of holiday drawings of partridges in the pear tree, only with even bigger birds). I wonder where they go for the winter. In the spring they had lots of babies with them, which was very cute. The babies have grown up and most¬†have gone off now, so the group has dwindled and seems to be just the mothers. Maybe we’ll see them again next spring with a new batch of babies. ūüôā

Send me an email if you need anything before the cart buttons go up, and I’ll try to post more often with updates.

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  1. I love watching wild turkeys. There’s a flock I see when I’m driving to work and sometimes there are about 15 of them. I’ve been a little late more than once from stopping to watch them or waiting for them to cross the street.

    1. They really are fun to watch. They seem to walk more than they fly. For a while 12 of them were walking in a line up our driveway each night and across the front yard on their way to the roosting tree in back of the house. Funny to see the procession.

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