Update, and Yin & Ylang Review on Now Smell This

Yin & Ylang is reviewed today on Now Smell This. Thanks so much, Jessica!

Also, Tabac Aurea was enthusiastically reviewed by robes08 on Youtube. The Tabac Aurea part comes in at 23:09 but the video has a lot of fun reviews in it. Thank you, Marc-André!

Samples and 5 ml of Yin & Ylang have been on the site this week, and I’ll be adding bottles any day now.

I loved the line in this article about Frédéric Malle (Editions de Parfums) that says 350 is the number of iterations (mods) they typically go through for a scent. Makes me feel better about my norm of around 75-100. The final Yin and Ylang was mod 72B. I also appreciate that his advertising budget is zero and the money goes into the scents instead.

We have rain, which is a good start on helping the drought, but it will warm up again by Sunday. The roses are already starting to bloom. Spring seems early here this year; I hope it arrives soon to those of you who have been hit by a hard winter.

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