Update, and Reviews of Fireside Intense, WW, and Jour Ensoleille

Today Fireside Intense and Winter Woods are reviewed on Bois de Jasmin. Thank you so much, Victoria! Even though signs of spring are emerging, we still have several more months of cool weather to enjoy smoky woods scents.

And on Friday, Jour Ensoleille was reviewed on Fragrant Fanatic. Thanks very much, Sigrun! I’m glad you found it to be a calming scent. It means so much to me when I hear that one of my scents has brought comfort and pleasure to help offset the challenging aspects of life.

I have been working to extend the lasting power of the forest scent. This one will be on the softer side, staying closer to the body because of the high percentage of naturals and the absence of strong sillage notes. I enjoy having a few quiet woodsy scent options though. I’m still testing and adjusting, but I like it very much so far.

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  1. I cannot wait for the forest scent Laurie.
    You know I can’t enough of those smells either. 🙂
    And speaking of I’m off for my trail run, so take care and be well my dear.

    xoxo ~ T

    1. Hope you have a great run! I’m trying to get some testers made on forest now. It lasted quite well on me yesterday, and it should do even better when I increase the concentration. I think I may have the first mod here!

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