Update and Review

I’m getting back to the vintage-inspired scent and am feeling encouraged. I’m decreasing the woods, increasing the florals and aldehydes, and adjusting the amber accord. The rose is much more apparent now, which makes me happy. Will see how soon I can have the next mod finished.

Had a nice response to the Fig Tree release and sent out quite a few sample orders. I hope people enjoy sampling.

It’s fun to see people’s enthusiasm when they first discover the world of scent that exists beyond department store perfumes. In a blog post today, Liz describes her start down the rabbit hole and how she is currently enjoying a set of SSS samples. Glad you’re having fun Liz!

My brother’s family is taking a little vacation this weekend so we are pet-sitting their little pocket Beagle, Belle. She’s a cutie. Like a cat, she’ll seek out a sunny spot in the house to bask in the warmth of the rays coming in the window.

Happy weekend! I hope to get some blending done.

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  1. Thanks for all the love, Laurie! I’m having so much fun testing my Sonoma Scent Studio samples–Vintage Rose may become a “happy birthday to me” bottle purchase! Today: Tabac Aurea, which I agree could be a beautiful scent on women or men…it does smell quite nice on me 😉

  2. If you get a chance, would love to see a picture of Belle, as I’ve never heard of a pocket beagle. I had the sweetest female beagle (Windy) for 8 years; she was the best company!

    Have a lovely weekend!

    1. Ok, I just added a pic of Belle to this post. I’d posted it way back when they first got her (I’ll try to get an updated picture sometime). She was a lab rescue; apparently they often use the little beagles for lab research, unfortunately. She was lucky to get a great home with a family that loves her. Glad you had a sweet beagle too!

  3. Laurie, how does Belle feel about her present everywhere-smelling accomodation? My friend who is a vet and a perfume lover always complains that she can’t wear perfume to work beacause it makes most dogs very annoyed.

    1. Belle stays at my parents’ house when my brother is gone so there’s no perfume smell there. My parents and I live in Healdsburg, but my brother lives a couple hours south of us, just south of SF.) I sometimes have a tester on when I see her but it doesn’t seem to bother her, though sometimes she’ll sniff my wrist. I can see why a vet wouldn’t want to wear strong fragrances or any scent on the wrists or arms.

  4. Oh she’s such a cutie! I remember when you posted that picture a couple of years back. Would love to see her as she is now.

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