I’m running behind on getting Cocoa Sandalwood on the site, but it is coming as soon as I can. Sometimes it takes me longer to do the initial batches.

I’m receiving a number of inquiries from international customers. If you have a friend in the USA who can forward the shipment to you, that is not only ok but is a big help to me.

I’ll post soon for the Cocoa sandalwood release, and I’ll send out a newsletter too. Happy weekend!

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  1. hurry! hurry! 🙂 all kidding aside I cannot wait to have my full bottle and am wondering how far behind will Citrus Vetiver be as I would like a full bottle of that one as well….
    enjoy the weekend and don’t work too hard!

    1. Spiced Citrus Vetiver will be right behind — hopefully two weeks after Cocoa Sandalwood. Amber Incense will be a bit longer after that. The vetiver is juts about done. After these three I want to work on a couple natural florals.

      Hope you have a great weekend!

      1. natural florals??? wow! I am going to have a full fragrance wardrobe once you get done with all the naturals….I AM SO EXCITED 🙂 !!!!!!!

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