Samples are still available and bottles are not yet back up. I’m teaching my assistant how to help batch scents and she’s doing great (lucky to have her!). We’re stocking back up on things, but my wrists are slow to recover so I’ll stay closed a while longer. I’ll have some news very soon about a boutique that will be carrying my scents. Lots to talk about soon…

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  1. I’m down to three drops of Tabac Aurea and I’ve misplaced my bottle of Incense Pure!!! I hope your wrists are better soon as I am not sure how long I can last………

  2. Here’s to speedy recovery! But take your time. I’ve loved just about everything I’ve tried. Please take care. Many of us would like to know that you will be around for long time.

  3. Hi Tara, thanks! Working on BB today. Last tester was heavy on gardenia so I’m softening that and increasing jasmine… Am thinking of trying a tea top note later today.

  4. Thanks Bellatrix! Hi back from California! Wish our summer would warm up here. We’ve had an unusually cool and foggy summer. I’m not ready for fall anytime soon.

    1. That was my thought too. 🙂 Trying mate absolute or black tea CO2. The jasmine absolute has a tea nuance that may be enough if I bring the jasmine up a bit more though. Am testing today.

  5. I’m still excited for Bouquet Blanc as well. (With tea? Did someone say tea?? Oooooh.)

    And wishing you excellent health. When everything is running, I’ll be ordering a few things.

    1. Thanks Mals! BB is sweeter in the top notes now that I increased jasmine and softened the earthy gardenia, so I thought some tea and/or bergamot might help soften the sweet floral opening. Later the amber and light woods in the base kick in. I’m experimenting more this morn.

  6. Hi Laurie~

    I just purchased 4 samples last night and am very excited to receive them. Can you give us any feedback on the reformulation of Opal? I’ve read nearly all the reviews on this infamous scent and can’t wait to order some. I hope your wrists are healing well by the way! please take care. I’m sure I’ll be in touch after I have the pleasure of enjoying your work. Lisa

    1. Hi Lisa,

      I hope you like the samples! I’m working on Opal but I’ve been spending more time on Bouquet Blanc recently. I’ll get back to Opal. I’m not sure when it’ll be done – it depends on how soon I finish the first tester and what people tell me when they test it!

      Thanks for your good wishes!

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