The formulas are done for all the scents on the fragrance page that have shopping cart buttons. I’ve finished tweaking those and just need to finish larger batches of some.  An additional list of upcoming scents is given below that to summarize the ones in progress.

Thursday night I had a power surge that got right by my Belkin surge protector and fried my printer. Have never had that happen before. No lightening. Very strange.  So, off to Best Buy to get a new printer…  This one was only 1.5 years old so it’s frustrating.  The Belkin died too.

I did have a nice visit with my brother and family on labor day.  My niece is learning to ride horses and is very excited about it.

I’m excited to be almost ready to put the paypal cart back up.  Need to solve the fried printer problem and few more  details.  Will send a newsletter when the cart goes up.

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