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Since last summer I’ve been phasing out the sweetest gourmand scents, and it’s time to do a more site-wide change. I want to concentrate on fewer scents and make them be my very favorites. I think when you work on scents every day you prefer working with your favorite notes, and I’m finding I want to work less with the sweet gourmand scents.  I’ll still have scents with touches of sweeter notes like vanilla, amber, tolu, and spices, but I’m leaning toward the scents that have a bit drier overall balance.   A few of the scents I’ll drop have been popular so I’ll continue to make full size bottles available for a while, but I won’t be sending out new samples of those. I’m still making decisions about some scents and that’s why I’ve taken the cart down to do this site work. I know it’s inconvenient to have another break now, but we’ve been open every day since October (time flies!) and I’m hoping most people will understand. I’m trying to follow the course that feels right for me.

I’ll also be adding some new scents.  I’ve continued to collect and source some exciting ingredients and have a number of new scents in the works. One is an incense rose with notes of frankincense, musk, rose, jasmine, violet, carnation, cinnamon, amber, and touch of floral aldehydes. It’s very feminine. I’ve been working on it for a couple of months and still have a few weeks to go. I like one version very much, but I’m still trying some variations on it.

The site structure will change to price each scent individually instead of by groups.  The new organization will provide the flexibility to use any ingredients regardless of cost and set the price accordingly.  For example, I have always loved floral notes and want to be able to incorporate more of the beautiful natural floral absolutes into future scents.  I’m making some tough decisions but this is something I’ve wanted to finish since last summer and the changes will be good in the long run. 

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