Two ml spray samples coming

My new refillable 2 ml spray vials just came, and I’ll add them to the site when I can. They are cute little glass vials with metal screw-on tops that are easy to take on and off. They screw tight and spray a nice fine spray. They even have little optional plastic overcaps. I’ll be offering them both filled with SSS samples and empty as an accessory added to the Samples/Accessories page. I’ve not seen these offered anywhere so thought they might be useful for your decanting. I’ve had a lot of requests for spray samples over the years and finally found some I like!

Edited to add: I’ll continue to offer our standard dab vial samples because they are the most economical way to test a large number of scents. The sprays will just add another option.

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  1. Hi Bellatrix,

    I just got them so I’m still tallying shipping fees etc and don’t have the prices yet. I need to decide how many to offer in a bundle — I was thinking a dozen. I’ll post when I figure it out. Glad they look useful!

    Hi Elisa,

    A lot of people feel as you do. Another nice thing with the screw top is that you could unscrew to dab if you really want to, especially if you want a tiny dab for the first try and then you can spray once you know you like it enough to squirt.

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