Turn-around time

I’ve had quite a few orders this week so turn-around is just a bit longer than usual. Most orders that come in today will ship Monday or Tuesday. Orders from Wed/Thurs are going out today and Saturday. Turn-around is currently about 2-3 days. People seem to want florals right now as an antidote to winter, though Tabac Aurea is still the leader.

My high speed internet connection came back up but may go out again now that we have new storms this evening (it is pouring again at the moment). After our service was out for nearly two weeks, I received a letter yesterday from them saying our monthly fee is going up by $8 to about $65 per month. Interesting timing, lol, given how long we were just without service. At least we are back up for now and I can get some things done online again. Such an improvement!

I’m still trying to make one tester a day of ET to try, and I do like it better with a bit less musk and guaiac. I need to do a new tester for Bouquet Blanche.

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