Turn-around time update

Turn-around time is a little longer than usual this week because of the incoming stream of holiday orders. Normally turn-around is just a day or two, but right now it is averaging 2-3 days before your order ships out. Still not bad, but I wanted to mention this so you don’t panic if you don’t get a shipping notice the first day or two after your order. Also you need to take that extra time into consideration when planning for Christmas orders. Smaller non-sample orders ship Priority Mail, which normally takes 2-3 days, but usps shipping can be a bit slower this time of year. Larger orders ship UPS, which can take 1-7 days depending how far you are from California. Sample orders ship First Class except for gift sample boxes and those ship Priority. Hope that all makes sense! I’m happy to answer email questions if you have any.

I’m right there with you doing my last-minute shopping now too! 🙂 It doesn’t take me as long as some people though because we have a small family.

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