Time to bring out the incense…

The fall chill seems to have arrived in many places, with some locations on the east coast even getting snow for Halloween! The Bois de Jasmin blog today lists favorite incense scents to bring out this time of year, and Incense Pure is included in the list. Thanks, Victoria!

Also on Undina’s Looking Glass, violet perfumes are reviewed and Wood violet is included.

We have a blustery fall morning today. The leaves have turned yellow in portions of the vineyards below us, and our oak trees are dropping leaves and acorns. The woodpeckers and squirrels have been fighting over the acorns. Have you ever seen a woodpecker dive bomb a squirrel to defend an oak tree in a territorial squabble? We’ve seen some feisty birds here! Hope you had a great Halloween! I need to find out what my nieces wore. 🙂

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    1. Thanks for including Wood Violet! I need to try Violet Blonde sometime.

      We have such beautiful, big woodpeckers with bright red heads and vividly contrasting black and white. I like them too. So many acorns, plenty to share, but they do get worried about it, lol.

  1. Glad to see that Incense Pure is on the list! I was never fond of incense fragrances until I met your version! I am nursing my sample but it is definitely full bottle worthy!!!!

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