Thursday should be the day…

for Tabac to go on the site.  I had quite a few bottle orders come in yesterday (not for Tabac) so I’ve been delayed in my prep for the release, but I’ll add Tabac to the site Thursday morning and will send out a newsletter.  Turn-around time on orders will be a bit longer for the first week or so after Tabac comes out, but then I’ll be caught up and things should go back to normal after about a week.  There’s always a flurry of activity when a new scent comes out, and Tabac has generated a lot of interest, so I expect a busy week.

It’s a beautiful evening here tonight.  It really feels like spring; we still have daffodils and leucojum, and the tail end of the crabapple tree blossoms, and now the geraniums are starting and the trees are all leafing out (oaks and maples).  It’s warm and light enough to go out on the porch at dinner hour — spring!

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  1. The weather has been crappy here in VA, way too damn cold for me. Maybe some new cologne will make me feel better. 🙂 I will be checking back Thursday night.

  2. Hmmmph, it’s already summer here for all intents and purposes. I hope your lovely spring lasts long enough for you to enjoy it thoroughly!

  3. Hi Tim and Gail! Sounds like you have opposite weather problems! I love your little picture Gail — I have to do one sometime.

    Just adding tabac to the site now…

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