Thursday round-up

So nice to see the sun today! I went out on the porch at noon for a break to sniff some ingredient samples that came in today and the blue sky was a treat after a week of gray and rain. My Iris pallida have been blooming for a few weeks and are so pretty surrounded by a sea of pink Biokovo geraniums and rosy heuchera blossoms.

I have a formula for Winter Woods with the new moss and labdanum that seems very close to the original to me, with just a touch less sweetness since the new labdanum is a little less sweet. I’ll send it out to a couple people to sniff to be sure I’m on target, but I think this can go back on the site very soon.

I’ve had questions from a couple people about Femme Jolie so I’ll answer here too; yes, it can be done in edp or oil as well as in lotion and the formula for Femme Jolie has never changed so it is still the original. I should probably add it to the fragrance list, but for now it is on the body page for lotions and can be ordered in edp by ordering Opal and requesting a sub for Femme Jolie since they are the same price.

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