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I’m about halfway through the website re-format.  Still working on the rose and sandalwood scents.


Just finally took a few minutes to plant sweet pea seeds.  We usually do it in fall but I’m hoping they’ll still be ok doing it now in spring.  They need to be up in time to bloom before our hot weather starts.  Nothing like the smell of freshly cut sweet peas!  I love the old-fashioned heirloom varieties.

 Waiting for some samples of jasmine absolute to arrive.  So far Eden Botanical’s jasmine has been my favorite.  They have very nice natural products for those interested in blending with essential oils and absolutes. 

Also waiting for my Chanel samples to arrive.  Like everyone else this week, I’m excited to try the six new scents. 

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  1. Sweatpeas are wonderful. I just received a bouquet full of them a few days ago. They were floral but a little spicy, too. How wonderful would it be to capture that in a fragrance?

  2. Hi Cheri! I’ve tried some fragrances that have sweet pea notes but none smell like the real thing to me. It’s just a once-a-year treat for a few months when they bloom. Maybe someone knows how to tincture them (I’ve never tried).

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