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I’ve found the scents from Divine to be very well done, so this blog review of two new scents in their line is interesting:

So far I like their men’s scent L’Homme de Coeur the best, but I like L’Homme Sage and L’Inspiratrice too, and the whole line is well done.  These two new fragrances feature immortelle, which is fun in moderation but can be overly sweet if used in anything but very small amounts.  L’Homme Sage has a beautiful soft immortelle note, so I bet the new scents will use it to good advantage too.

The exchange rate just took a big jump in the wrong direction and made my order of naturals from France much more expensive; I made my decision on what to buy last week, but with all the paperwork the order wasn’t ready on their end to finalize until today, which was just a couple days too late to get a better rate.  Not good luck for me.   Many things like this go into the cost of creating perfume, and the costs keep going up, making it especially tough for small artisan lines that don’t buy ingredients in large quantities.

Better get back to orders and to getting holiday cards in the mail.  I’m running out of time on those cards…

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