The January Paperwork Blues

The first week or two in January much of my time is spent updating the books for the previous year, catching up from getting behind in Nov/Dec, and doing inventory. Each year it runs longer than I’d hoped, and as usual I’m still in the thick of it.

I took a break this evening to do a few more quick mods on the new unisex woodsy scent. I’m trying to make this smooth and dry enough, but still have that juicy character that keeps things interesting and helps add life to a blend. I’ll give these a sniff in the morning and will say more about this scent before too long.

I got to try Chanel’s Pour Monsieur shortly before Christmas and really liked it. It’s beautiful and classic with some yummy soft spices (I love cardamom notes). Although the drydown was light, it lasted many hours for me. The citrus topnotes are nicely done too. I’ll have to try it again.

It’s been very cold and frosty here at night the last week or so. Time to cut back all the perennials in the garden that have died back for the year. I still have paperwhites blooming; they’re surviving the frosty mornings since they have a little protection near the house.

Tomorrow it’s back to the paperwork after getting the orders out for the day…

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