The best laid plans…

I had a few things go wrong today that slowed me down, so the cart will be delayed a day or two, but will be up this weekend. I’m switching the bottle labels over to a new system that will save a lot of time once it is done, and it’ll be a few more hours of work to finish the conversion. The labels will look the same but will be much faster to produce on my special label printer. I still have a few more scents to filter as well.

I can probably put sample orders back up Friday and then the bottles and lotions this weekend.

I’ll get back to work… I’ll have some help tomorrow too, which will be great! Thanks for your patience…

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  1. gaaaacccklkkk!!!!!!! doesn’t it just kill you: “it will save a lot of time when it’s done IF I EVER EVER GET IT SET UP……………”

    ‘stay calm and carry on’ (Britain, WWII).


  2. Computer projects are like that, lol. Set-up time can be painful but then we can’t do without them. This will be great when done. I just converted all the bottle labels and am working on the purse sprays and that’ll be it. As long as I had to convert the bottle labels I switched the scent names to a prettier font. The purse sprays are already on the new system but I need to change the font to match. Won’t take too long…

    Thanks Jo! 🙂

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