I put the cart up a week ago (late Thanksgiving night) and I’ve had a good amount of orders coming through. Plenty to keep me busy but so far I’m keeping up. I’ll post if turnaround time gets bogged down, but so far so good. We are working to batch the Exclusive scents that are low and will be putting larger bottle sizes of those up as we can (first up this weekend will be Fireside Intense and Wood Violet).

I have a fun interview to post for you on Monday. Lots of gorgeous photos and a person I think you’ll enjoy meeting. 🙂

We’re having a cold snap here with temps below freezing at night (I know that sounds wimpy to most of you, lol). I’m keeping an eye on my lettuce pot garden on the porch though…

I’ll have an update soon on the new scent. Have a super weekend!

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