Tabac Aurea Update

I’ll lock in the formula now and will get the first batch made and filtered.  I decided to keep the name as is; I like the name and when I ran a list of a few possible alternatives to some testers they prefered the original name, saying that the scent doesn’t have enough leather to worry about getting that into the name.  The ratio of tabac to leather will vary from person to person depending on each person’s sensitivities, but in general the scent opens with a leather note that softens while the tabac picks up steam as the scent dries down.  I hope to have it on the website sometime next week.  I’ll send out a newsletter to announce Tabac and Lieu de Reves once I get Tabac on the site.  I hope to be adding Cameo back around the same time as well.  Then it’ll be onward to finish gardenia…

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  1. Well, I’m excited — that’s great news. Been holding off on ordering a tub of shea butter, hoping the Tabac Aurea would be ready to order soon (my samples are all gone!). Congrats!

  2. Hi Glenn,
    Thanks! The final version has a bit less leather and more tabac than the one you tried, so just let me know if you’d like an updated sample first. I’m looking forward to adding this to my site too! 🙂

  3. Hi Laurie: although there were differences, there really wasn’t a version of this that I didn’t like! So, no need for an updated sample — I’m comfortable just buying some as soon as you have it on the site. Thanks though!

  4. I would love to get a sample of Tabac Aurea (And I am glad you kept the name), is that still possible? I saw a mention of this cologne on basenotes and love this combination of scents. Please email me if possible so I can provide my address. I have never been a part of a cologne creation before although I have always considered myself a cologne connoisseur. Looking forward to hearing from you.


  5. Hi Tim,

    When I add Tabac Aurea to the site next week it will be available in 1 ml sample vials, 17 ml bottles, and 34 ml bottles. It’s always a good idea to sample first. The testing phase is done now so I won’t be sending out samples to new testers, but I’d love to have you be a tester for the next scent that is appropriate for both men and women if it sounds interesting to you (a sandalwood musk). I’ll send you some email. Glad the tabac sounds interesting to you! Thanks for your interest!

  6. Thank you for the quick reply Laurie.

    I will definitely try the Tabac Aurea when I can and I would be honored to take part in the next creation. I will not say anything about your idea either, can I count this as my email sample request? 🙂 j/k I wish you all the best and I will definitely keep an eye out for when the Tabac Aurea is actually available.

    I wasn’t sure if that reply from my email was going to get to you or not, if you do not get it please let me know, I included my address for you for any future testing.


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