Tabac Aurea is on the site

I just put Tabac Aurea on the site.  Samples are available, so take advantage of that and sample first.  🙂  Turn-around time on orders will be a few more days than usual for about a week because of the probable influx of orders, but I’ll do my best to mail each order as quickly as I can.

Here’s the web page for Tabac Aurea:

After I finish this Tabac release, we can get back to some other topics on the blog!  And I’ll get back to Gardenia Musk at that point too.  For now, I’ll be working on orders…

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  1. I placed my order, just a small one for now. Do you actually see the orders? I didn’t think about that but since I ordered more than 4 samples I left the free one up to you, something for my wife was my request. I guess if you don’t see them someone is going to be confused! 🙂 Looking forward to my samples!

  2. Hi Tim,

    Yes, I see the orders and fill them myself, lol. I wear a lot of hats around here for now. I have sometimes hired helpers in the past for busy times, like holidays, but right now I’m on my own so I have a pile of orders I’m working on after this Tabac release. I try to pay special attention to each order because I know so many of my customers and want to give them extras they’ll enjoy. That’s part of the fun of being a small business — giving personal attention and getting to know people a little bit.

    If you want, you can let me know what your wife likes in terms of notes and I’ll try to pick something she’d like. Since you said not too strong I’m thinking of the new Lieu de Reves, if she likes violet and is ok with a little bit of powdery notes. Sienna Musk is popular too for people who don’t want something strong and don’t want floral notes; it’s woodsier but with some sweet spices. Cameo comes to mind too; it’s more in the character of Lieu de Reves but is rose rather than violet and has a labanum/ambergris/woods base rather than heliotrope and vanilla.

    I’m running a few days on turn-around but hope to get yours out on Saturday. Thanks!


  3. Lets try the Sienna Musk, that sound nice. Thank you and no problem at all on the time frame, I am in no rush at all.
    Thanks again Laurie and I am looking forward to all the new scents.

    Tim 🙂

  4. Thank you for the update 🙂

    It was no problem at all, sounds like you have your hands full and I always heard good things come to those who wait or was it good things come to those that get the first shipment?

    This is just my personal opinion, but I gotta say I think it adds a really unique personal touch that you do the things yourself (Such as packing a shipment). I mean honestly, who would you pick to represent you over yourself? When do you think the last time *fill in any name of a big cologne designer* packed and mailed out a shipment to someone? I mean true, it would be great for you if you were doing so well that you had a shipping department and an email reply person and a blog reply person and so on, but none of that is as cool as dealing directly with you, from my perspective anyway. You seem like very cool/neat/interesting (Pick one you like) person and I just think it adds something unique to the experience.

    I hope that doesn’t sound/seem weird?

  5. Got my order today! Love the Tabac, that was easily my favorite and will be back for more. My wife really liked the Sienna, more then the Egyptian, my mom was visiting and she preferred the Egyptian so we gave that to her. All of the scents were very nice thank you so much for the variety 🙂 Was really surprised they got here so fast. Thanks again Laurie and I will be ordering more before to long.


  6. Hi Tim,

    Glad the samples got there so fast and that you’re enjoying trying them! Also glad you like the Tabac and your wife likes the Sienna! Thanks for letting me know. 🙂


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