Summer Break

I have taken the shopping cart down for a summer break. I need to do some physical therapy and can’t do it when the cart is up. Summer is the best time to do this because it is my slower season, partly because people take vacations and partly because my most popular scents are best in cooler weather. I will also take this time to finish the formula for the new Amber Incense.

If you are an international customer visiting the USA during my break, please send me an email at and I’ll take care of your order; I don’t want you to miss your chance for easy shipping and am happy to time shipping to a hotel while you are here. Also, if you need something for a gift or you are a signature scent customer and are running low, I’ll take your order during the break. And if you just bought some samples and are dying for a bottle of something, I’ll try to fit you in too. I will be back to take all other orders after the break, and you can follow updates on the blog in the meantime.

I can’t give an exact date for when I will put the cart up because it depends on how things go. I plan to be up and running for fall.

There’s nothing seriously wrong and no crisis so there’s no need to worry. I had injured the deltoid in my left arm last fall and it has healed about 85%; I’d like to try to get the rest of the range of motion back. I’m always operating on the edge as far as managing my back issues and it has been hurting quite a bit the last few days, so I want to catch it before it gets worse so that I don’t miss this chance to do some PT this summer. I had hoped to give some notice of my time off, but I would not be able to handle the potential large inflow of orders that a pre-announcement might produce. Instead, I’ll take care of people as needed via email in a slower fashion.

Thank you so much for your understanding. I’ll continue to blog and am also reachable via email (please do email me if you are an international customer and want to set up an order during your USA visit or during your friend’s USA visit).

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  1. Wow, that shoulder is still bothering you. I hope the PT helps.
    You’ve got my interest up with Amber Incense. That sounds right up my alley.
    Hope you have a great break!

    1. Thanks, poodle! It doesn’t bother me anymore doing most day-today tasks, but it still gives me tweaks when I move it in certain ways so it’s not completely back to normal yet.

      I just got Amber Incense out again about a week ago. It is all-natural and so far has elemi, jasmine sambac, rose absolute, sandalwood, frankincense, labdanum, benzoin, oakmoss, cinnamon, clove, ginger, cedar, beeswax, and heliotrope. I may add some oakwood and a few other things (still testing).

      1. Ooo…lots of good stuff in that one. That’ll be a definite blind buy for me as soon as it’s on the site. 🙂

        1. I’ve only had a couple people test it so far, but they’ve liked it so I think I’m on a good track. Probably still best to start small if it’s a blind buy. You know I’m a sample pusher. 🙂

    2. Hi.. i tried to follow on facebook but the link goes to my general page.. i tried searching sss. sonoma scent.. laurie erickson.. and did not find it..

  2. Laurie, good luck with your PT! I’ve always appreciated how kind you are when I see your comments popping up on the various blogs, and thanks for keeping us all in the loop regarding your summer break. I love your work and look forward to sampling more when you return. Sending positive vibes your way…

  3. Good luck with the PT – how long has it been since you have had a summer break? Make the most of it and best wishes to you!

    1. Thanks, Fifi! So far I’ve only taken breaks when I’ve had a family emergency or a health issue, so this will be great to have time when I can do some things and take advantage of the time off. I’ve already started on some organizational tasks here that will make life much better. Living in a cottage with both a home and business means I run out of space and need to sort and toss things periodically — there’s no place to put things anymore! I also want to get out a bit this summer, to the farmer’s market and some nurseries. And I’m looking forward to making progress on the PT front. I will make the most of it for sure!

  4. From a brand spanking new Australian admirer, all the best getting that shoulder right! I’m a bit of a fragrance newb, so I’ve only recently come across Sonoma. I have Incense Pure, which is utterly divine I must say. I just wanted to say that I’m not sure how to adequately describe how impressed I am with the way you do business & the uniquely personal fashion in which you go about it. So refreshing and endearing! You have a new avid follower, newsletter & blog recipient Down Under! Dear me, I sound like a total groupie! Anyhoo, keep up the good work, good luck with the PT & I’ll be looking forward to experiencing many more of your outstanding creations.

    1. Thank you, Gavin! That’s very kind of you to say! One other thing I want to do while on break is to think about how to get the Amber Incense into an oil base so it could be shipped internationally. Not sure if all the ingredients will work in an oil base, but I want to experiment with it. Glad you’re enjoying Incense Pure!

  5. Hi Laurie…I hope the summer is finding you well and hopefully PT on the shoulder continues to help……I am in LOVE with Tabac Aurea and can’t wait to try more of your creations…..I am having difficulty emailing you as the emails keep popping back to me….just thought it might be something you should know…..

    1. Hi Roya,
      I think most emails are getting through to the info@ address, but I did have that happen with one person a few weeks ago where our emails to each other were sometimes getting through and sometimes not, as if a server between us was not acting right. If you’d like to try my personal email, that should work. Thanks for good wishes! (Edited to add: glad my personal email worked for you!)

  6. Hello! I’m not new to fragrance, but I am new to blogging and my interest was piqued when I read some reviews of your scents on Fragrantica. I have fond memories of living in Sonoma and was married at the Garden Valley Ranch so I was delighted to see the links on your site.
    I look forward to ordering some samples soon. I’m very excited about your new creations, particularly because of your use of some of my favorites such as amber, labdanum, vetiver and cedar. Good things are worth waiting for, so enjoy your rest and good luck with your rehabilitation!

    1. Hi Blue Wolf! A wedding at Garden Valley Ranch must have been beautiful! Thanks for good wishes, and I am glad that the scents sound interesting! When fall rolls around you may want some samples. 🙂

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