Summer Arrived Today!

We’ve been having unseasonably cool weather, but today it suddenly warmed up to the upper 90s and feels like summer has hit. I’m working on the first batch of Cameo and will add it to the site when done. I need to photograph a bottle of Cameo for the site too.

Still had some workmen here today and hope this little project will be done soon because it’s taking time away from my work, but it’ll be great to have this done. I’ll have to hit The Container Store to find some closet organizer goodies now that I can access the whole interior of this closet; I already found some shelf risers there that work well for smaller bottles.

Need to test the latest tabac tweak and get to gardenia and fireside intense (not exactly the right weather for fireside, lol). I’m expecting some ingredient samples next week that I’m really looking forward to. Can’t believe it is Friday again already.

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  1. Congratulations on the Cameo, Laurie!
    Perhaps when the closet improvements are complete, you can take some pictures for show-n-tell, especially if you also have “before” photos…
    H-B to your brother, btw – mine’s on the 14th…

  2. Thanks Ann! I hope to get some pics of the testing area after I set up a group of spray testers and other goodies that people could sniff when they stop by. I’ve not been ready for open hours but want to eventually get everything set up around here to accommodate that.

    Happy belated bday! Hope you had a great day!

  3. We had the same abrupt weather shift…from rainy days lucky to hit 60 degrees, to sunny and sultry 85+. Wacky. Looking for the tomatoes to take off…

    …this shift may not have been into the “proper” weather, but it still makes me happy to even hear the name Fireside Intense. 🙂

  4. Hi ScentScelf! Yum, I bet your tomatoes are good. Nothing like home grown!

    Today was in the upper 90s again so summer does seem to have arrived for us too, finally. My lavender is blooming and the mandevilla vine has some fat clusters of blooms that I can’t wait to sniff.

    Glad you like fireside intense. 🙂

    1. The lavenders in our (NJ) yard are also in-bloom, as with many other perennials that don’t normally bloom till well into July.
      Really wacky weathers this past spring – all the plants are confused!!!

  5. My lavender is in full bloom now, a bit early but we are always a little early compared to most parts of the country. The mandevilla blooms are open now too. It’s such a fun scent, supposedly like gardenia but to me it is lighter and fresher with jasmine aspects but not so indolic and some spicy aspects like ylang and a hint of something fresh and almost citrusy but not quite. I just got it last year s I’m still getting familiar with it.

    We’ve had wacky weather here too this spring! Seems to have settled into summer now though.

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