Spring Interview

Quick update: Ambre Noir is back on the site as of tonight, and it shouldn’t be much longer before Cameo is ready.

The site Fragrantica ran a series of interviews with ten perfumers answering questions based on a spring theme.  I was one of the people interviewed in part 2 along with Dawn Spencer Hurwitz, Roxana Villa, Liz Zorn, and JoAnne Bassett.  Here is part 2:


and here was part 1 with Anya McCoy, Mandy Aftel, Ayala Moriel, Rohanna Goodwin Smith, and Emma Leah:


I’m honored to be included among such a great group of perfumers (all women!).  I need to have someone help me take a self photo for my website someday — it’s on my to do list.  We’ve only taken shots of the kids in the family for the last 10 years, lol.

I’d love to try more fragrances from the perfumers in the spring Fragrantica interview.  I’ve enjoyed sampling some by Ayala, some by Mandy, and many by Dawn, but I really need to try scents from the others too!   I love spring, so the topic was a fun one; thanks very much to author Cristiane Goncalves (aka Cris Rosa Negra) for including me.

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  1. Hi Laurie,
    Don’t mind my saying so but I really like the fact that you talk as much about other fragrances you like (i.e., by other houses) without too much prompting as you do your own. Some of the interviewees seem to be advertising so much that they can’t really open up enough to talk about the broad spectrum of scents available out there.
    Kudos aside, I’m really looking forward to trying the Cameo once you make it available! Also anticipating the Gardinia – regardless of its oomph factor.
    Ann 🙂

  2. Hi Ann,

    Thanks! I like to share favorites from other lines too. My main goal in all this is to help people find things they like, so I often suggest other lines if I happen to know of something that seems to fit what they are looking for.

    Cameo is turning out really well; I’ll have to get a sample to you once I decide the best concentration and make these final adjustments. The Gardenia right now is soft but long-lasting. I just don’t hsve the base notes to my satisfaction yet (I like the floral accord a lot).

    1. Laurie – I would be honored to be a Cameo tester. I e-mailed my info to . btw – I focused on roses, but it’s not all that I love!

  3. Hi Ann,
    Got your email and replied — thanks. I adjusted the beta dam level in Cameo and am re-testing. I still really like this but think it may need to be kept at this extrait level. I’ll test some more this weekend.

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