Spring Fever

dafffysIt was 80 degrees here yesterday and 78 the day before. Beautiful! The daffodils are opening up.  The weather will turn cold again soon, but we always have a spring teaser like this in February.

Worked on the rose yesterday. Gave it some extra sparkle. Really love the first couple hours but want to improve the last few hours of the drydown.

Did some experiments with alpha, beta, and delta damascones; they are all lovely with dry, fruity blackcurrent notes, rose notes, and woodsy nuances.  They are related to the ionones and their scents reflect that connection. Their suggested usage level is only 0.02% in the finished product for leave-on skin applications, so that limits their use. And you must consider their total content in all your ingredients,  which is more complex when you use natural rose absolutes in combination with the synthetics.

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  1. I am so excited to smell this new creation – can’t wait! I have a weakness for rose blends, especially ones mixed with resins and wood notes.

  2. Hi Lyn! This work may 1ead to several rose scents eventually. It’s kind of like a tree structure where I make decisions on what to put in and leave out and I’m leaving some interesting lines (branches) I want to come back to later. This scent is more floral than woodsy, though it does have musk, frankincense, amber, and light woods. I’d like to do a darker rose next, but this one is more feminine. The sandal/jasmine I’m doing now is more woodsy though and may be done before the rose or about same time.

  3. Thank you, Laurie – I’ll take rose any way that I can get it because I love it so! I also have absolutely no problem with collecting multiple rose blends – lol I’m finding all of your info on roses and their differences very informative 🙂

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