Spring Blossoms and Weekend Update

The wisteria is in full bloom in our area, so I snapped this quick photo today to post for spring.  I don’t have any in my garden, unfortunately, but it sure smells good.   My sweet peas are about a foot tall though, so I’m hoping for some of their scented flowers in a few weeks.

A fun garden-related aside: the botanical artist whose jasmine vine decorates my boxes and packaging has just illustrated another book.  Her name is Bobbi Angell and her illustrations have appeared in seed catalogs, in the weekly New York Times gardening Q&A column, and in garden and botanical books.  This most recent book, called Our Life In Gardens,  was written by Joe Eck and Wayne Winterrowd (two authors gardeners will recognize).  I just got a copy from Amazon and want to squeeze in some time to read it this spring.

I hope those who went to sniffa in NY this weekend are having fun! Sounds wonderful.

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  1. Oh, that wisteria is so pretty! I’ve got some funkified wisteria growing over a patio structure in my backyard that never flowers. Grows like crazy, gorgeous foliage, but no flowers ever.

    Anyway, congratulations on the success of Tabac Aurea! It’s all the rage on the fragrance board on MUA lately.

  2. Hi Gai! Lol at funkified wisteria! That’s too bad you can’t coax that wisteria to bloom. We had some at a condo I lived in quite a few years ago and the condo gardeners often trimmed it shortly before it bloomed and cut off the developing flowers — what a waste!

    Thanks on Tabac! It won’t work for everyone, but for a lot of people it seems to be yummy and I’m glad for that. 🙂

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