Sources For Decants and The Sample Spray Issue

Decants and samples of Sonoma Scent Studio fragrances are carried at The Posh Peasant and at The Perfumed Court. The Posh Peasant just added four new SSS scents to their offerrings (Lieu de Reves, Wood Violet, Voile de Violette, and Velvet Rose). Both places have small spray samples in case you prefer sprays to the dab vial sample style that I offer on the Sonoma Scent Studio site. I’ve tried many small sprayer samplers and just haven’t found any smaller than 5 ml that I like well enough to stock. Someday I may add 5 ml, but for now the decant sites are the places to go if you want smaller sprays than my 15 ml bottles. I like the dab sample vials I offer because you can dose exactly how much you want without risk of being drenched, but it isn’t quite the same effect as spraying and I realize some people like the chance to test in spray form.

And PSA, The Posh Peasant is also currently having a sale on full bottles in stock. 🙂

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  1. Hi Laurie,

    Well, even though I like spray samples, I have purchased two bottles of perfume from you, so your samples vials seem to do the trick. I agree that controlling the dose is a good reason to continue with your dabbers.

    I hope all is going well, and that you’re enjoying your beautiful flowers.

    -Ann C.

  2. Hi Ann,

    Thanks! I’m enjoying the flowers very much and our cooler weather will extend the blooming season of the sweet peas.

    I’ve had a hard time finding 2-3 ml sprayers that produce a nice fine spray instead of a stream of larger droplets. I found several types of 5 ml sprays that are nice, but the spray mechanisms on the smaller 2-3 ml ones don’t seem as good. I’ll keep my eye out. I’m a dabber by nature, so the sprays that over-dose probably bother me more than most people.

    Hope you’re enjoying spring too!

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