Sonoma Fire Update: Evacuation

Sonoma fire October 2017

SSS is closed for now. I am at my brother’s house south of SF. We had to evacuate the Sonoma fires, but we are safe. We are worried about our houses because the fire is very close and winds can spread it quickly. Firefighters are there though, doing great work. Hoping for the best and will update when I can. Thanks so much for your concern; it means a lot to me.

Note: I added the photo above after we evacuated. It shows a large fire that was just 1 mile from our house (Shiloh/Faught area). Photo posted by the Windsor Police Dept. Several other fires were also quite close to us.

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  1. Have been wondering how those fires were affecting you. Glad to hear you are safe and pray your houses will be, too.

  2. So good to hear from you, dear Laurie, and to hear that you’re safe. We will all join you in hoping for the best. Hope you had the chance to grab your most precious irreplaceables and trust that you will be able to return to your house and find it just the way you left it. My concern goes out to everyone in your part of California. Heartbreaking for so many.

    1. Thanks, Robin. Did not get much out, sadly. Some clothes and necessities. Wish I could have taken my pictures and photo albums, but no space in van. Everything of SSS is left behind. Just hoping it will be there to go back to. Mostly though it is the cottage that breaks my heart. My Dad designed it to work for me in my chair. Can’t stand to think about losing it.

  3. Glad to hear that you are safe. Hoping and praying the fire fighters are able to put these fires out and you can return home to your cottage in good shape.

  4. Oh Laurie, thank you for letting us know. I was concerned about you and I’m so glad you’re okay. I am so sorry that you’re going through this. Sending love, hugs and positive vibes your way…

  5. I’m glad you are safe…. so sorry for what you and so many others are going through. Thanks for taking the time to post ❤️

  6. Hi Laurie,
    Was just thinking about you last night! I am so glad that you and your family are fine. I wish you the best and am thinking good thoughts for you. Take care!

  7. Oh Laurie, I’m so sorry, but I’m thankful that you and your family are safe. I will keep you, your family, and all of the dear people experiencing this horrific event in my prayers!! Sending you hugs!!!

  8. Glad to hear you got out. I have a lot of friends and family down there so have been keeping up with the news. It is so surreal. Story after story piles up. My niece barely got out in time, but she did. I am so scared for you and your sweet cottage. I hope you will be able to go check on it soon! Pray for rain. Good luck to you. All my best.

  9. Dear Laurie,
    Thank GOD you are safe…and hoping that all your goods, etc will be saved. I keep praying for you and everyone that is in this catastrophe.

  10. Update: One of our neighbors has stayed behind (so scared for him). He says houses ok as of 11:30 am on 12th. Still long way to go on fires but winds ok last night. Windsor Police Dept says made good progress on the fire near us. We need the winds to stay low so they can keep the positive momentum.

    1. Laurie, we so appreciate your replies and please keep it up so we know you’re OK and hopefully you will know more about your home too…Best to you….keep postig. 🙂

  11. Laurie: my husband and I emailed earlier on another page inquiring about you. We are so glad to know you are safe, but, we know how tough this is; we went through the Butte Fire in 2015 and we are still not recovered from it. These are really hard times, and I think you won’t go back to what you left since whole communities have been affected and yours most certainly, but we do hope that your cottage is unscathed, all your memories, photo albums everything there that is home is protected. We are so sorry for all of you and your community. I treasure your last picture of the deer in the garden and am holding that close to my heart. We are in Northern California in Calaveras. I’m glad that today the house is there—very hopeful indeed. We had a neighbor do the very same thing.

    1. Hugs to you! Sad that you’ve been through it too. Yes, the deer family was there right before we left, even in all the ash and smoke. Hope they are ok. thanks for your thoughts!

  12. Praying your home survived, Laurie. My son teaches high school in Oakland and the smoke was so bad in the school on Wed. afternoon the kids with asthma were suffering. They cancelled after school activities and we didn’t hear from him yesterday, but there was a possibility the school would stay closed. And that is about 70 miles away.

    1. House is still ok today (neighbor reported in for me), but still not safe for me to go back home. The fire closest to us is not an issue anymore, but there’s another quite close. Hoping if the winds stay calm they’ll get them contained.

  13. Dear Laurie,
    Our thoughts are with you. Northern California was our home for many years and we never tired of the special beauty and light. This past summer my husband and I drove through the area heading home further North, all the while remarking on the beauty all around us. It has been so devastating to see the progression of the fires. We were plagued by fires all summer, but none that affected so many homes and lives. We hope your home, creative space and others remain safe.
    An appreciative customer

  14. Please let us know how it goes. Yesterday sounded like “good” news for you. Have you been allowed to enter/go back?
    I know this is heartbreaking. We hope that your house and garden are okay.

    1. We were so very lucky and our house/cottage was spared. Our street had fires close by, but all homes on our street are ok. I have been at my brother’s house since evacuation. We plan to finally go home tomorrow, 10/18. It’s still smoky outside, but we might get a little rain Thursday eve (not much) and that might help. Will be very nice to get home tomorrow. I feel heartbroken for those who can’t go home. Thanks again so much for all your good wishes. <3 I'll post more after getting home.

  15. I’m so glad you and your family were able to return home. Yes, It is extremely heartbreaking for those who have lost their home. I’m still praying that you have rain to help with the smoke and fires.

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