Some New Year Thoughts, Appreciation, and Plans

I want to wish everyone a happy new year! I hope 2014 brings good things for all of us.

Many thanks to the blogs that included my scents on their Best of 2013 lists! It was especially encouraging to see my first two natural scents on four lists this year.

badgeCocoa Sandalwood on Mark Behnke’s Top 25 List on Cafleurebon

Bottle Awards_smSpiced Citrus Vetiver Best 2013 Natural Scent on The Chemist In The Bottle

Cocoa Sandalwood Best of 2103 on The Non-Blonde

Spiced Citrus Vetiver 2013 Natural Award on The Fragrant Man’s Jatamansi Award List

Rose Volupte on Elisa’s Best of 2013 List on Bois de Jasmin

FragrantManAward_smLast year was a little challenging for me since I needed some down time both in Feb/March and in Oct/Nov. I released the two naturals Cocoa Sandalwood and Spiced Citrus Vetiver, and I reformulated Vintage Rose into Rose Volupte. I worked on several new formulas that are still unfinished (a ylang/jasmine/tuberose mixed media scent, an all-natural amber incense, and a tweak on Tabac Aurea).

In the coming year I hope to finish a few of those in-progress scents, and I will be retiring some of the Exclusives, or at least moving them into the “by request” category. I also plan to switch from standard perfume alcohol in the mixed media scents to natural organic alcohol (the same alcohol I use in the naturals line). It may mean a few dollar increase in the mixed media scents, but I think it will be worthwhile. As I go forward I will be leaning more toward naturals in my formulas, though I still have some mixed media in progress.

This was the first year that I didn’t even try to sample new releases, though there are a few that I really want to try (Christopher Street, Ashoka, Knightsbridge, Une Rose de Kandahar, and Cuir de Gardenia). It has become far too hard to keep up, but every year there are a few I like to experience.

I worry about the explosion of niche and indie fragrances, and as I work on new scents I keep asking myself if the formula is unique enough to justify release into an already saturated market. I want to tighten up my scent list with that thought in mind.

I can’t thank you enough for your support of indie artisans and for the wonderful camaraderie in the perfume community! Here’s to 2014! 🙂

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  1. I was so glad to see Cocoa Sandalwood, which I really enjoyed, nestled among the “best of” roundups on CaFleureBon–it truly deserves to be recognized for the cozy beauty it is! I also was glad to see Rose Volupte make one of the lists on Bois de Jasmin.

    I happen to have a bit of Ashoka (I loved it and now it’s on my wish list, though I won’t be able to afford a bottle until I go back to FT work–after baby reaches her 1st birthday, hahaha!) that I’d be willing to send your way, if you like? I would love to share it 🙂

    1. Aw, thanks Lizzy! That’s a sweet offer, but you should hang onto it until you can get a bottle. I was just heading over to STC tonight to see how many they have from my list. They do have Ashoka and the Tauer, but I don’t see the others.

      Congrats on your baby! The first year is amazing. 🙂

  2. I was glad that those perfumes appeared on the “best of 2013” lists. And I really like your approach to new releases.

    What is the difference between standard perfume alcohol and natural organic alcohol?

    Happy New Year!

    1. Thanks, Undina! The standard alcohol that is used in most perfume is called specially denatured and contains trace amounts of denaturants to make it undrinkable (as if the perfume doesn’t make it undrinkable enough). The most commonly used is SD-39C, but SD-40B is sometimes used. The different varieties contain different denaturants. The organic natural alcohol I use is made from organic grain and has no denaturants added (it’s just 190 proof organic ethanol). Organic natural alcohol can be made from grain, grape, or cane, but I’ve found the grape to be a little too fruity for all-purpose use and the cane a little sweet, so I prefer the grain.

  3. If you want a sample of Christopher Street just let me know. I have one and I would love to get rid of it. I’m not sniffing what everyone else is in it. It smells like city trash truck on me.
    I’m happy to see you made some of the 2013 lists. Congrats!

    1. Oh dear, I just ordered a sample last night from their site. Hope I fare better with it than you did. Thanks so much for the offer though! It can be nice to swap for samples, especially when people want to redistribute things that haven’t worked out.

      So far that was the only sample I bought (the ones I want all seem to be spread out over different sites so I got discouraged). Another one that sounded interesting in the 2013 Best Lists was called Moon Bloom, but I’ve not found that one anywhere. I may wait until STC gets a few more things on my list and then try to order.

  4. 2013 has indeed been a challenging year – but I’m very glad to see all the progress you managed to make and even happier to see that your work is still being appreciated. Love Rose Volupte.

    Here’s to an even better 2014!


  5. I just ordered new bottles of Ambre Noir and Tabac Aurea; so glad these beautiful scents are back in stock. I’m excited to see that you’re developing a new floral, and can’t wait to try Amber Incense. All the best to you in 2014. I hope it goes more smoothly for you than 2013 did.

  6. I guess I better hurry up and buy big bottles of my new favorites Jour Ensoleille, Sienna Musk and Champagne de Bois just in case! Thank you for the notice. Hope you have a successful and happy 2014!

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