Some Final Bottles Available

The last several months I have contacted many people who had written to me in Jan/Feb to request bottles. I’ve filled about as many of those requests as I can with what I had in stock (minus a few people that I couldn’t reach via email).  I’m now listing the few remaining bottles here. These bottles have been stored in my lab refrigerator. I have some 34 ml bottles of Incense Pure ready to go and enough juice left to make another couple Incense Pure bottles beyond that, plus just a few bottles of a few other scents (full list given below).

If you see something you’d like to purchase and you have a USA shipping address, please send me an email at I’ll take requests in the order that I receive them. My wrists are improved but still can’t type very much, so I’ll be copying/pasting some standard messages to set things up and my replies might not be lightening fast. This final round will go much faster than the first round though, especially since all the bottles are made and ready to ship. Personal checks and US Postal money orders are preferred to PayPal, when possible.

Bottles In Stock & Available:
all out right now, assuming all orders in progress follow through

sold out:
0 x 34 ml Winter Woods ($80 each)
0 x 34 ml Velvet Rose  ($75 each)
0 x 10 ml  Pacific Forest ($40)
0 x 5 ml Pacific Forest ($25)
0 x 34 ml Forest Walk  ($100 each)
0 x 5 ml Fireside Intense ($18)
0 x 5 ml Nostalgie ($20)
0 x 34 ml Incense Pure ($80 each)
0 x 34 ml Fireside Intense ($80)
0 x 5 ml Incense Pure ($17)
0 x 34 ml Amber Incense ($125)
0 x 17 ml Incense Pure ($45)
0 x 5ml Amber Incense ($25 each or $40 for two)

I think I have found someone excellent to carry on with SSS, but it is still too early to say more here on the blog. Meantime, I’ve been converting my lab room back to personal use, which is a big project but is gaining me some very helpful extra storage space and work space (every bit counts in a small cottage!).

Thanks again so very much for your good wishes, and let’s find homes for these last remaining bottles! I will have more updates coming.

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  1. Dearest Laurie,
    I don’t know if I’m too late but would mind telling me if 34 ml of Incense Pure, Forest Walk and Velvet Rose are still available?

    Thank you for all you’ve done and I wish you well.💋

    Love always,
    Tamara Darst

    Sent from my iPhone

        1. Hi Laurie,
          Yes please!! Do you have any other scents available?
          I am down to my last drabs of Jour Ensoleille, do you have any of that left? *crossing fingers*

  2. Hi Laurie,
    Is the 34 ml bottle Amber I sense still available . I would like to purchase.
    Following your updates and glad to hear your health is improving and that you are close to finding someone to take over SSS.I have no doubt that you will still be involved in the next step !
    Wishing you all the best all the way from Sydney Australia .
    Looking forward to your reply .We can iganise del address in the States as we have purchased before .


  3. Hi Lauri,
    Any chance there is any incense pure left to purchase? I have been checking regularly for any updates, but just as I haven’t had time to really check lately, some came up for sale. Thank you so much.

    1. Hi. All the bottles I have left are listed at the top of this post. Right now I only have one 5 ml left. I’m still waiting for payment on three bottle orders, so if any of those don’t go through I will relist the bottles here. I’d suggest checking back here until I post that everything is gone.

      1. Hi Laurie,
        I emailed you yesterday and would like to purchase the remaining 5ml vial of Incense Pure. How do I go about this? Do I send you a check directly? My shipping address is 345 Wawona Shell Beach Ca. 93449. Please let me know for I am desperate to get my hands on some of that precious juice. Thank you.

        Jordan Haughey.

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