So far so good

Surgery went well and I’m feeling more energy today.  I should be productive again in a few days (I see surgeon Thursday to assess healing, but he was very pleased how it went).  Thanks so much for good wishes!   

The roses are just starting to bloom so I’ve been enjoying the first cut roses of the season — Abraham Darby and Madame Alfred Carriere are leading the way this year.  The deciduous oaks just leafed out in their bright spring green, along with a couple Japanese maples. Geranium Biokovo, leucojum, heuchera, and the crabapple are all blooming too.  Robust buds are forming on the clematis.  Daffodils and camellias are almost done.   I haven’t wanted to wear any scent for a few days, but I put on some La Chasse last evening for this spring mood.  Hope you enjoy your signs of spring when they come to your area! 

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  1. Dear Laurie,
    What a lovely setting to heal after your operation.The renewal of Springtime with its gorgeous sights and scents…roses. green grass etc is revitalizing for us all.
    Hope you feel better. Love La Chasse Aux Papillons too!

  2. Yes, I’m really lucky to be in such a pretty spot. Most of the area is natural oaks and grassland, but I have a little garden near the house packed with fun stuff. Love the afternoon light the most as it makes the hills and trees glow in its warmth. And I love La Chasse too — hard not to smile when wearing it!

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