Signs of Fall

My Japanese Maple trees think it is fall already — their leaves are turning bright shades of red. Although I love the beautiful fall season here, I am always sad to see summer go.

The grape harvest is just beginning, and soon we will be hearing the rumble of the large gondola trucks traveling down the road carrying their load of freshly cut wine grapes. The afternoon light on the hills becomes more and more golden as the season progresses. I try to spend as many evenings outside as possible this time of year.

I’m still working on the new amber incense. I have one mod that I like, and I’m comparing it to other slight variations to see if any changes improve it.

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    1. Thanks, Carrie! Do you have some changes in temperature and light that accompany your seasons?

      It’s really too early for true fall here because we’re still having very warm afternoons, but the shorter days and cooler nights triggered the trees to redden. The light in fall feels more golden to me, and the light in winter feels more blue (no snow here of course though).

  1. Leaves are turning here too. My birch tree is already dropping leaves. It’s always the first to go. Still it seems too early to hear that crunch under my feet when I walk in the driveway. The worst part is I think the hummingbirds are heading south. I’m not hearing as much of their chatter outside these past few days.

    1. It does seem early this year! We still have hummers though, and I just watched this season’s third set of baby birds leave the nest in the eaves on my porch by the kitchen window. The birds love the same spot where the nest is protected by a climbing rose. As soon as one batch moves out another mom moves in and lays eggs.

  2. No changes, really, in St. Louis yet. I’m wondering if some of the color change in your area is from drought? Beautiful images! And I’m looking forward to that new amber 🙂

    1. I’m wondering if the drought is contributing too. The deciduous oaks are beginning to drop already, and they may be just giving up on this season and hoping for some rain this winter.

  3. Laurie, I’ve resisted asking when your website will be up to take orders again but I can’t help myself as I’m so excited about your new creations. I’m also quite low on Velvet Rose that has received fantastic comments wherever I go. It’s going to keep my memories of the garden alive during the frigid northeast winter to come…

    My best to you!

    1. Thanks, Donna! I’d like to finish this new formula before I put the cart back up, so it’ll probably be another month or so. If you send me an email though I can send you a link to where you can put an order through for some more Velvet Rose, if you like. I’d be happy to take care of that for you anytime. 🙂 Glad you’ve enjoyed it!

  4. I just discovered your site after reading a comment on a fragrance blog, a gentleman said “The best incense I’ve tried so far is Incense Pure, again by Sonoma. It opens up with ambergris, then the incense kicks in.”

    I adore incense fragrances and now I find I’ll need to wait a month before placing the order. But judging from the comments of your customers it will be well worth the wait. I’ve read such glowing reviews of your fragrances, October is my birthday month so I will be back then to experience the magic.

    1. That’s great to know you’ve heard good things! 🙂 Yes, if you love incense you might wait to buy samples until the new one comes out. Incense Pure is mixed media (a combination of naturals and synthetics), and the new one will be all-natural. Some of the main notes are the same (frankincense, labdanum, oakmoss, patchouli, vanilla), but the detail notes are different and the character is different. The all-natural one is softer and does not have the synthetic musk or amber in the base. Some people will prefer the new one if they prefer all-naturals, but others will prefer Incense Pure because it has more power in the base from the touch of synthetics. The new one lasts well for an all-natural scent, but it stays closer to the skin.

    1. In my yard, the maples and crape myrtle (non-natives) turn color but the native trees don’t. The grapevines provide some pretty fall color around here though!

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