Sienna Musk Review, and Fall Cleaning

Here’s a nice review just posted for Sienna Musk:

The Perfume Shrine blog has a number of in-depth series devoted to various notes such as vetiver, jasmine, leather, incense, etc.  Vetiver fans will enjoy the most recent series, ending here with vetiver part 5 (I love FM Vetiver Extraordinaire and TDC Sel de Vetiver!):

With an impending visit from some family friends providing impetus, I straightened up the workroom on Sunday. I moved my home-made photography light box to a better spot and gained precious table space. Now I’m eyeing the big wall cabinet stuffed with ingredient bottles to figure out how to organize them better. It’s getting hard to find what I need quickly enough. I keep small amounts of ingredients in my organ for working on new blends, but the big bottles and kilos stay behind wood doors in the cabinet and come out when mixing new full batches of scents. I instinctively reach for stuff in my organ out of habit, knowing where most everything is by memory, but the thousand or so bottles in this place get hard to track in the cabinet. I need a better system.  They are divided into areas for naturals and synths, and within those by manufacturer/distributor, but they need to be alphabetized within those subcategories.

I worked on orders today but will return to the last gardenia mod tomorrow.  It’s still my favorite and the two little options I tried didn’t improve it.  Still a couple more things to explore before I stop, but I’m about ready to send a few more testers out.  Always so much to do!

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  1. Boy, with all this love you’re getting lately, you may have to take on some help! ……raises hand…..LOL!

    But seriously, it’s well deserved and couldn’t happen to a nicer person 🙂

    If you figure out a really good way to organize your “stuff”, please do share. I have a couple hundred decants that are crying out for a better system!

  2. Hi Gail! Yes, we all have lots of little bottles to keep track of! It really is a challenge. I’m trying to be good about entering it all into an Excel spreadsheet, even the little one oz samples of ingredients from various companies, but it’s a full-time job on its own.

    I found some white plastic tiered shelves meant for kitchen cabinets for things like spices and canned goods; they are a good size to fit on larger shelves to divide them up into smaller areas but still keep things visible on tiers. Am trying to figure out how to maximize space!

    I’d love for you to come out to Cali and help, lol! I’ll need some help eventually, but for now it’s not quite in the budget. I’m asked a lot if there is a place around here that carries my stuff so people can go sniff, so that’s high on my priority list. I’d love to work with a local boutique or two, and I’d also love to be able to have some open studio hours here. Lots of things to work on.

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