Short Break

I’m taking the shopping cart buttons down for about a week and taking a little break from orders so I can make new batches of Fireside Intense, Ambre Noir, Encens Tranquille, and Winter Woods with the new oakmoss and so I can work on the new Gardenia Musk. I’m not getting enough time to get those tasks done while doing orders at the same time, but once I work out the new oakmoss dilution rates I’ll be in good shape (it’ll take some trials of each scent to confirm the oakmoss rate before I can make new batches). I’ve not taken any time with the cart down for about a year and a half and don’t like to do it, but this will be a big help to catch up. (I’ll also look for a part-time helper!) If I can finish early I’ll put the shopping cart up sooner, but I’m planning on a week.

The website is still up so you can browse and plot orders; only the buttons are removed. All orders in progress will ship promptly. If you need something to meet a gift deadline in the next week, send me an email.

I’ll put the cart buttons back up after I’ve re-stocked the scents that require the new moss. Thanks for your patience!

Update: see this post for the latest info

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  1. I don’t know how you do all of this single-handedly. You do an amazing job, and I’m looking forward to the new Gardenia Musk.

    Happy blending!

  2. Thanks Ann! It’ll be a few days befcre I get to the fun blending (Gardenia Musk) but I really need to tackle this oakmoss substitution issue. I started it several months ago and haven’t had a chance to get back to it. Shouldn’t be bad once I spend a day or two on it, but I really need to restock the scents w/ moss.

    I’ve had a couple part-time helpers in the past and it’s time to look again (they went off to college after JC here). Perfumistas in Healdsburg or Santa Rosa looking for part- time work can email me, lol; I’m a little bit of a commute unless someone lives in Windsor or Healdsburg though so that makes it harder to find someone.

  3. laurie–

    good for you!!! you always sound so busy and you are so busy, and you need this time to get all your duckies back in line…

    as for a helper:

    why don’t you contact your local high school–if one exists–and get someone to be your (paid) intern????? i cannot believe that they wouldn’t be stacked at the door begging you to pick them! pick them! to help you! you would be amazed at what a bright and eager 15- or 16-year old could do for/with you… to the guidance counselors, maybe. at worst they might be willing to refer a coupla kids to you that they know personally.

    looking forward to the new gardenia.

  4. Hi Jo! Yes, those duckies have scattered all over, lol.

    We’re on the same wavelength — I just emailed the counselor at the high school very near me. Will see if some students might be interested in applying for a part-time job. I did hire a high school senior once and she did a great job. I like working with the students because they tend to be very enthusiastic. I posted an ad at the college today too, but the high school is so much closer it’d be an easy drive (which counts when it’s not an all-day job). Glad to know you think this is a good idea too. Thanks for your support!

  5. i hope the interviews go well. and, yes, their enthusiasm makes a lot of difference, a pleasant difference at that!

    i cannot wait to smell the new ‘gardenia’ ‘musk’. however, it’s going to be hard to name it gardenia musk when there is no gardenia to speak of and very little musk………. 😉 plus, i believe that i am one of those folks anosmic to a lot of musks…

    good luck.

  6. So far I have just had responses to the college ad, but I think I have a couple that look like good matches! Will see. I answered the gardenia stuff on the post above… Thanks for good wishes!

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