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I’m making a couple small (consecutively larger) batches of the new natural Spiced Citrus Vetiver, and as soon as I have enough to offer samples, I will put all the samples back up on the site. I’ll also put bottles of Cocoa Sandalwood up because I know not everyone had a chance to buy that one since it was only up for a week before my break. I’ll try to do that within the next few days (I had been shooting for today but didn’t quite make it). I’ll wait a bit longer before putting the rest of the bottles up so I can ease back into things. I am doing better but not back to my normal self yet.

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  1. Take your time. We all can wait for you to recover. Sending you thoughts of strength and healing and all good wishes.

    1. Thank you, Tora! That’s sweet of you. Thought I should pop in for an update since people might be wondering when the cart will be back.

      Hope all’s well out your way! 🙂

  2. agreed with Tora! Rest up and heal thyself! I am patient enough to wait for my Spicy Citrus Vetiver 🙂 !!!
    Hope all is well…

    1. Hi Brie! I’m turning the corner on this, but I’m trying to finish the vetiver project before I put samples up because I know it’ll be hard to finish once I start taking orders. I’m increasing batch size and testing for consistency as I go.

      Just got great news: I was dangerously low on pumps for the 34 ml bottles and my supplier said they were back-ordered (even though they are normally a stock item), but they came up with a few thousand for me so I will be fine. Keeping all the little parts and ingredients in stock can be nerve wracking sometimes!

  3. Popped in to comment and say “No rush, we’re not going anywhere” and saw that I’m just echoing everyone else’s sentiments. I can always use practice being patient. 😉

    1. Lol. I think we all get plenty of practice being patient. 🙂 Thank you though, Dionne, that’s sweet of you to say. It does make me feel better to know people understand.

  4. Hi Laurie,
    First off, wishes for a speedy recovery to you.
    Secondly, I was wondering how to make an order. I saw that the tabs were down on your site. I’m in no huge hurry.
    I’ve been testing several of your scents for the last two months. I’m enjoying Velvet Rose a lot! I was also interested in finding out how to order it in the oil.
    Thanks and Blessings!,
    Sylvia Long

  5. Oi! I went back to your site and just saw the email to ask questions comment. I’ll just email and get the info. Thanks.
    Sylvia Long

  6. I send you my best wishes for a speedy recovery too! Please do take it easy. I know from personal experience that pushing myself too hard can make the healing process longer.

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