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Just a quick post to update international shipping status. The volcanic dust from Iceland has grounded many flights, so I’ve been holding some packages here until flights resume. I’m continuing to ship to Australia and other countries that are not affected right now, but I have some packages for the UK that I’ve held. They are packed and ready to go, and I hope to send them out in a day or two. I just thought they’d be safer here during this chaos. If you’re in a country affected by the dust cloud you might want to put your order off until your airports reopen, but we can work around it if you’d rather order now. Sure hope this clears up soon.

I have a slightly different label design that’s nice on the new bottles and am just working out the details. So far the new press for putting on the pumps seems to do the job. I’m also working on the white floral again.

We had a couple beautiful spring days but now another storm is coming through. Maybe spring will return at the end of the week.

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  1. adding: Flights to the UK just reopened this afternoon so I should be able to ship the UK packages out tomorrow, Wed. They may take a bit longer than the usual 7-10 days, but we’ll see.

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