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Just posting an update here on 1/12/2018. I’m really overwhelmed with all the emails. I appreciate all your kind words of support. I so want to respond to everyone personally, but it will take some time (a few weeks). I will work through the list of requests and fill bottles to see how far it goes, but I can see I will not have enough stock for all the requests. Please know I’ll do all I can to help someone new take over and pick up where I am leaving off. Thanks so much!

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  1. Hi Laurie, Is it safe to assume that if I haven’t received a PayPal invoice by now, my order won’t be filled? Just waiting in suspense! Congrats on your new journey! Sharon

    1. No, you might well get it. I just can’t tell yet. I’m filling bottles and emailing people as i go. I’ve not billed or shipped anything yet. Just filling bottles like crazy based on the master list. 🙂 I’m sorry for suspense!

  2. so I have no more hope to buy incense pure and let me send to Italy? maybe who will take your place will ship to Italy?

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